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Shrink-Rap Press was born in 1994 when two consultant psychiatrists, Chris Wever, a child psychiatrist, and Neil Phillips, a rural and remote community psychiatrist, were traveling on a Royal Flying Doctor Service plane to clinics in country towns in New South Wales, Australia. Chris showed Neil a manuscript for a little book for children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Neil, whose other profession is cartooning, said he’d like to draw the pictures.

This first Shrink-Rap book is called The Secret Problem and it is still in print in its third edition. Since then, Shrink-Rap Press has published six other books and is now making the books into eBooks and setting them up for “Print on Demand” (POD) publishing which will allow an international market.  

Neil Phillips MBBS FRANZCP

The author of the books for adults, and the illustrator of all the books.

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Neil Phillips is a consultant psychiatrist who works in rural and remote community mental health. He is also an active communicator about mental health, mental illness and relationship issues through regular contributions to the popular Sydney ABC Radio 702 Drive show.

Neil is a cartoonist and for many years he has drawn cartoons to explain mental health issues in a safe and friendly way. Cartoons help people understand things that are frightening or felt to be shameful and encourage greater understanding. This makes it easier for everyone involved to work together.

Neil is the author and illustrator of these Shrink-Rap Press books for adults:

He also illustrated these Shrink-Rap Press books for young people:

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The author of the books for children.

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For up to date details about Chris Wever’s professional background, clinical work and writing, please go to the Delphis Books website.