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Welcome to our website. We publish books on mental health problems. The books are designed to help people with mental distress, or mental illness, to learn about the conditions that trouble them and discover effective ways of dealing with the problems they bring. Finger Lime books is a new imprint from Shrink-Rap press which will simplify international sales. (See the box below).

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Why Shrink-Rap Press is now also trading under the imprint Finger Lime Books.

If you are wondering about the relationship between Finger Lime Books and Shrink-Rap Press here’s the answer. Shrink-Rap Press has been publishing in Australia since 1994 but new opportunities for international distribution have also brought up the possibility that our books might be confused with the work of several other groups using names very similar to Shrink-Rap Press. Although we registered the name in Australia many years ago, it seems wise to start distributing our books under the name Finger Lime Books to avoid confusion and possible future problems.