Shrink-Rap Press & Finger Lime Books

Welcome to the Fingerlime Books website. This site, until very recently, has been the site of Shrink-Rap Press (Australia) Pty Ltd. Big changes are being made but they will not affect the availability of any of the books formerly published by Shrink-Rap Press.

Shrink-Rap Press was founded by psychiatrist, Neil Phillips, and his child psychiatrist colleague, Chris Wever, in 1994 and has been publishing and selling illustrated books on mental health issues ever since. The books for children were written by Chris and illustrated by Neil, while the books for adults were both written and illustrated by Neil.

The present changes involve Chris taking over the publication and distribution of the books for children through Delphis Books and Neil will continue with the books for adults under the name Fingerlime Books.

The Shrink-Rap Press company will be closed. Both the Shrink-Rap Books URL and the Fingerlime books URL will bring people to this web page.

These changes will make it easier for Chris and Neil to keep the books available and to update them as necessary. For Neil they will avoid potential issues with non-Australian publishers using names that are similar to “Shrink-Rap”.

The books for children will remain visible on this website but will function as links to the Delphis Book site which will handle all their sales and distribution.

Links to buy the books for adults will remain on this website.

Electronic versions of the three adult books will shortly be available.

Books for Adolescents and Adults

New eBook editions of these books will soon be available.

Books for Children

The Childrens books are now supplied through Ocean Reeve Publishing. The Buy Now link will take you directly to the book’s page on their website for easy checkout. Click the image for more information about the book.