The School Wobblies.

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Now available through Ocean Reed Publishing. For a child who is too anxious to go to school, this book can be very helpful. The text and cartoons show worries about school as being made up by nasty “School Wobblies” The book shows how a child can overcome the Wobblies and go back to school.

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Children find it very hard to go to school because it makes them so anxious and worried. This is known as “school refusal”.

School refusal can wreck a child’s education and cause parents and schools a lot of worry and frustration. In fact, any significant refusal to go to school is an urgent problem and should be quickly dealt with. The School Wobblies will help parents, teachers and mental health professionals with this task.

The book illustrates the worries and the scary thoughts lurking in the minds of the children who can't go to school. and shows that there are ways of dealing with those worries so that the child can return to school.

In the book the worries and thoughts appear as “School Wobblies” who try to get the child to stay at home by generating as much trouble as possible and by taking advantage of anything which is making the child vulnerable and unreasonably fearful.

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