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Now available through Ocean Reed Publishing. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder often spoils or even wrecks a child's life at school and at home through learning difficulties and getting into trouble. “Full of Beans” explains how ADHD works, how adults and clinicians can help and what kids can do for themselves to overcome these problems.

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Between two to six per cent of children suffer from “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” or ADHD. It causes great hardship for those who have it and for their families. It usually presents with behavioral difficulties in the home and school and often leads to difficulties for children, their parents and teachers.

Biological disturbance contributes to poor attention span and poor impulse control. These often lead to learning problems and oppositional behavior. This, in turn, creates major difficulties in the development of children with ADHD. Young people with ADHD are particularly at risk of educational underachievement, difficulties with authorities and drug and alcohol problems.

Early identification and management of ADHD is important in preventing these problems. Education of the young person and his or her family, counselling, academic help and medications can all help in management so that the child can achieve full potential.

There are many books on ADHD for parents and teachers but very few for youngsters who have ADHD. This book explains ADHD clearly in simple words and pictures. A child who understands what is happening is more likely to accept help and use it effectively.

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