Too Blue.

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Mood disorders, both low and high, are common and cause great suffering. In “Too Blue” the text is straightforward but detailed and the explanations and cartoons bring the problems and solutions to life. A “special section” provides more detailed information about mood disorders.

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Too Blue's simple text and many drawings bring the symptoms of depression and the havoc of mania into clear focus. Treatments are described and explained in a balanced way. A special section is provided for those who want to know something about the underlying workings of the brain and how they relate to severe mood changes. The third edition was published in 2017.

Too Blue is an encouraging book which tackles tough topics like suicide in a clear and helpful way. It is a book which will prove useful to those who suffer from a mood disorder and for other people too. After all, just about everybody, sooner or later, is involved with someone who is seriously depressed.

The author and illustrator of Too Blue is a psychiatrist who shares with the reader knowledge and optimism acquired through decades of helping people battle with the mood disorders that cause so much pain and trouble in life.

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