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  • Image of How to Bust the Worry Warts book cover

    How to Bust the Worry Warts.

    $ 12.99$ 27.50

    This book, first published in 2019. It shows children being harassed by nasty little “Worry Warts” who cause lots of worries but have no real power. The techniques for busting those Worry Warts and chasing them away are carefully explained.

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  • Image of Lost in a Mind Field book cover

    Lost in a Mind Field.

    $ 27.50

    “Lost in a Mind Field” is about the experience of having a psychosis. While Schizophrenia is the main focus it addresses other causes of strange mental experiences. The cartoons make it easier to understand psychosis and that can lead to much better treatment and outcomes.

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  • Image of Too Blue book cover

    Too Blue.

    $ 27.50

    Mood disorders, both low and high, are common and cause great suffering. In “Too Blue” the text is straightforward but detailed and the explanations and cartoons bring the problems and solutions to life. A “special section” provides more detailed information about mood disorders.

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  • Image of Full of Beans book cover

    Full of Beans

    $ 24.20

    Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder often spoils or even wrecks a child's life at school and at home through learning difficulties and getting into trouble. “Full of Beans” explains how ADHD works, how adults and clinicians can help and what kids can do for themselves to overcome these problems.

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  • Image of The Panic Book book cover

    The Panic Book.

    $ 24.30

    Panic attacks often cause misery and generate phobias and even crippling agoraphobia. “The Panic Book” shows adults and older children the causes and effects of panic attacks and how they can be effectively controlled.

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  • Image of The School Wobblies book cover

    The School Wobblies.

    $ 22.00

    For a child who is too anxious to go to school, this book can be very helpful. The text and cartoons show worries about school as being made up by nasty “School Wobblies” The book shows how a child can overcome the Wobblies and go back to school.

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  • Image of The Secret Problem book cover

    The Secret Problem.

    $ 22.00

    Children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are often frightened and secretive. This book explains OCD so they can understand and challenge it with the help of their parents and teachers.

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