Mental Health Information.

If you’re looking for information about mental health problems there’s plenty floating around on the internet and in books but the quality varies. Some of it is good but some is just rubbish and some downright dangerous. 

The human mind and brain and the consequent human cultures are the most complicated thing we know about. Over the years, researchers and clinicians, with the help of those who have the illnesses, have developed a much better understanding of how these things work and what can go wrong. However many other sources offer advice that is based on guess-work, prejudice or simply someone’s opinion. It is unwise to follow such advice if something is seriously wrong. It is safer to seek advice based on scientific evidence and expert clinical practice.

Sometimes serious mental health problems start suddenly and sometimes they come on very gradually. Severe problems can usually be effectively treated but an accurate diagnosis including consideration of other, rarer, possibilities is important so that treatment, of whatever sort, is well aimed and minimizes risk. 

We hope each reader finds our books respectful and enlightening and that each book helps a troubled person or, better still, a number of troubled people to navigate through the tough times on the journey to better mental health.

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