How to buy our books.

This website will soon have eCommerce links that will allow you to buy paper books and downloadable ebooks directly with a credit or debit card. In the meantime, you can get an order form here that you can print out and fax to Irene O’Farrell our administrator. She will let you know the postage and then send the book. 

Shrink-Rap Press fax number is: 61 2 9743 5936

Shrink-Rap Press Email is:

At present, we are making arrangements through the book distribution company, Ingram Spark, to make our books widely available through bookshops worldwide by using the Print on Demand (POD) printing systems. 

POD allows a bookseller near you to print a high quality copy of a book and mail it to you by local mail.

Converting all our books to eBook and POD formats will take time but one book is finished; How to Bust the Worry Warts will soon be available directly from Shrink-Rap Press and as a POD or an eBook from booksellers.

Download our order form

Please use this form while we set up our eCommerce facility.