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Book Prices

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD). See the price list below for the prices of the books.

For orders from within Australia a Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% applies. For orders placed outside Australia the GST does not apply.

For Australian orders we will provide a “Tax Receipt” indicating the GST paid. If you are able to claim for GST quote Shrink-Rap Press' Australian Business Number which is 87 090 970 068.


Book title

Price including GST

Price excluding GST

Lost in a Mind Field

AUD 27-50

AUD 25-00

Too Blue

AUD 22.00

AUD 20.00

The Panic Book

AUD 22.00

AUD 20-00

The Secret Problem

AUD 16-50

AUD 15-00

The School Wobblies

AUD 16-50

AUD 15-00

Full of Beans

AUD 16-50

AUD 15-00


Postage and handling

Within Australia: 1-2 books: $3-50, 3-4 books: $9-90, 5-9 books: $12-00,
10-15 books: $15-00, 16+ books: call for postage.

Click here for international postage rates

Faxing an order

The present system of ordering involves downloading or printing an order form from this website and faxing it or mailing it to Shrink-Rap Press.

Click here for an order form you can print

In the near future we hope to have an online store so that you can order directly by credit card if you choose.

Bulk orders

For larger orders and book shops a discounted price might be available. Please contact to ask about such discounts. We calculate any discounts on the total number of Shrink-Rap books ordered on once occasion so a bulk order can be made up of any combination of the various Shrink-Rap books.

Currency conversion

Check the latest exchange rate between your currency and the Australian dollar at We only accept cheques or money orders made out in Australian dollars. If you use a credit card currency exchange is automatic but involves a small bank fee. Check with your bank.

If you prefer to order by phone please call 02 8765 0222 within Australia and + 61 2 8765 0222 for customers outside Australia. Please leave a message if necessary and we will call you back. Bear in mind that Australia's time zone is radically different from Europe or America.

Our postal address is: PO Box 187, Concord West, NSW 2138, Australia.

We will process your order as soon as we get it and the books will be on their way by mail.

Please bear in mind that the time zone for Eastern Australia is approximately 10 hours ahead of UK time, 14 hours ahead of Eastern US time and 17 hours ahead of Western US time.


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