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26 July 2011

I've been very slack aobut doing anything in this Blog section of the site. I'll try and do better so I'll be putting up information about developments at Shrink-Rap Press and thoughts about the use of cartoons and comics in medicine. I'll also share my thoughts about about mental health and psychiatry generally.

Today, Shink-Rap Press published a second edition of Too Blue our book about depression and mood disorders. The new edition is slightly larger and contains some new information. As the main theme of the book is the experience of depression and high moods and tmost of the new information is about new antidepressants and some recent advances in our understanding of these disorders. Higher production costs have made a price rise from AUD16-50 to AUD22-00; the first price rise in 11 years.

I recently had the good fortune to attend the second "Comics in Medicine" conference held in June in Chicago. There's a growing interest in using cartoons generally and comics in particular to deal with medical topics. I ran a short workshop and presented a paper on "Comics on the Brain". The paper was about why cartoons and comics are so easily read, how they are processed in the brain and speculation aobut when this capacity may have developed in human history. I tried to use a lot of cartoons and some animation in the paper and this means that there will be additional work to set it up for the web.It will be a while before I can put it up here.

I've added som links that will take you to some interesting sites in this fascinating field. Look on the links page.



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