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About Shrink-Rap Press


Chris Wever and Neil Phillips, two Australian psychiatrists, were travelling on the plane to run clinics in the middle of NSW when Chris showed Neil the manuscript for a little book called "The Secret Problem", which was for kids with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


Neil liked the book very much and, being a cartoonist, offered to illustrate it. To this day Neil doesn't know if Chris set him up or was too polite to refuse the offer.

To bypass having to deal with a publisher, Neil and Chris decided to design and print the book themselves and over a late night cup of coffee invented the name Shrink-Rap Press. The name was immediately discarded as a terrible pun but it had a life of its own and wouldn't go away.

Shrink-Rap Press (Australia) Pty Ltd is now a company dedicated to producing books using cartoons and simple text to talk about psychiatric and emotional problems. Some of the books are for kids; some are for adults.

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